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Name:Santana Alejandra Lopez
Birthdate:Oct 1, 1993
Location:Lima, Ohio, United States of America


Santana is 19 and a recent graduate of William McKinley High School. She was a member of the glee club, New Directions during her sophomore through senior years, briefly leaving their ranks to join The Troubletones after conflict with the director, Will Schuester. She was also a member of the cheerleading squad, the Cheerios, for her freshman, sophomore and senior years, and the majority of her junior year. She and fellow Cheerios Brittany Pierce and Quinn Fabray resigned from Coach Sue Sylvester's Cheerios squad halfway through their junior year when their tyrannical coach attempted to shoot Brittany out of a cannon for a Nationals competition. Thanks to Coach Sylvester and her girlfriend, Brittany, she received a full-ride cheerleading scholarship to the University of Louisville for college.

Santana is about five foot five, with caramel skin and hair such a dark brown it's nearly black, with eyes to match. Her hair comes down to the middle of her back, when it's not up in a tight Cheerios-standard ponytail. She's often seen with a half-amused, half-somewhat sinister smirk on her face.

Originally acting the part of a bitchy Cheerio, Santana was one of Rachel Berry's main tormentors and agreed with the popular kids' view that glee club was for losers. She did eventually join the club alongside Quinn Fabray and Brittany Pierce, to keep an eye on Finn when Quinn figured out he was interested in Rachel. Outside of being one of Quinn's cronies, Santana was known for her promiscuity: she liked sex and she wasn't ashamed or hiding it. She had a friends-with-benefits/dating relationship with Noah "Puck" and was seriously possessive of him, though their relationship never could stick.

When best friend (with benefits) Brittany began dating Artie Abrams, Santana's jealousy streak came out to play. She tried to scare Artie away from Brittany by telling him Brittany was using him for his voice and didn't care about sex like he did, but her attempts backfired and the two began dating. It was this relationship that made Santana realize that her feelings for Brittany were deeper than she'd thought, and after some coaxing from Holly Holliday, she confessed to Brittany that she was in love with her. She was rejected and stung when Brittany told her they couldn't be together because of her relationship with Artie. That relationship soon came to an end though, and though Santana briefly "dated" Sam Evans and Dave Karofsky, they were easily forgotten and Santana and Brittany began dating.

Santana still struggled with her sexuality during her senior year and was outed, not only to the school but to the state (due to a commercial aired against Coach Sylvester during her campaign for Congressman), by Finn Hudson during a battle of insults. She came out to her parents before the commercial aired and received a positive reaction. Telling her abuela, on the other hand, ended badly, with her precious grandmother telling her she wasn't welcome in her home anymore.

While continuing to hold onto the hope that her grandmother would love her again one day, Santana began dreaming of being famous, no matter the cost. She was talked out of her lofty ideas by Sue Sylvester and Brittany, who encouraged her to go to college and presented her with a cheerleading scholarship to the University of Louisville. Although Santana accepted the scholarship, her mother gave her enough money to get started and pursue her dreams in New York, despite having been adamant Santana go to college. Though Santana held onto her mother's gift, she took the scholarship to Louisville and left for Kentucky in the fall.

Santana really changed through high school, with help from the glee club, and while she's still her sarcastic, often bitchy self, of course, a softer side began to shine through. She genuinely cares about her friends in glee and is very loyal to them. She considers all of them her friends in some capacity, and she was sad that to part with them when she left for college.

Being a Louisville Cards cheerleader kept Santana very busy and left her little time for her now-long-distance-girlfriend, Brittany, something that strained her relationship. When she returned home for a weekend, she was confronted with the reality of how upset and left behind Brittany felt by Santana leaving for college, despite having encouraged her in the first place. She did what she felt was best and broke off her relationship with Brittany to free them both from the pain. It wasn't long after that she was invited by substitute glee club leader, Finn Hudson, to come back to McKinley and play the role of Rizzo in the school's production of Grease, and she and Brittany admit that they miss each other.

When Santana returns home for Thanksgiving, along with several other New Directions alum, she is asked by Finn to mentor newbie Marley for Sectionals. She later gets into it with best friend, Quinn Fabray, when she admits to dating an older, married professor at Yale. She tells Quinn that she is too excited about letting a man define her life, is slapped across the face and quickly slaps her right back. She is extremely pissed off when Marley faints on stage at Sectionals and accuses Kitty of feeding Marley laxatives.

A couple of months later, she and Quinn head off to New York at Kurt's request to stop Rachel from doing a topless scene in another student's film - and to take advantage of the city's amazing shopping. Quinn pokes at her to apologize for the slap but she only says "Let's wait to see if that happens." They successfully convince Rachel that she a topless scene will follow her around, much like Santana and Brittany's sex tape. She returns to Lima not long after, having learned that Brittany is dating Sam. After putting on a show with a few Cards cheerleaders, she confronts Brittany about not telling her and having to hear the news from Tina. She confronts Sam and they have a singing duel in the auditorium, and Santana says Brittany will always be hers. Brittany is the one to officially put an end to things and firmly place jealous Santana in the best friend zone since she is now dating Sam. After a talk with Sue Sylvester, where Sue confronts her for leaving UofL and follows up by offering her a job as her successor, Santana decides to finally go to New York and arrives at Kurt and Rachel's loft to stay.

On Valentine's Day, when she returns to Lima for Mr. Schuester and Miss Pillsbury's failed wedding, she and Quinn stay close and dance together at the reception. They use fake IDs to take advantage of the bar and sleep together in one of the hotel rooms after several drinks.

More in-depth information can also be found at Santana's Glee Wiki Page.

DISCLAIMER: Santana Lopez is a fictional character from the FOX hit musical dramedy, Glee. The writer behind this journal claims no ownership over Glee, Santana Lopez or the actress who portrays her, Naya Rivera. This is a roleplay journal used for fun and writing purposes only. The writer makes no profit from this journal and does not intend any harm. The writer and the muse are both over 18 years of age.

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