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Character Info
Character: Santana Lopez
Fandom: Glee
Point of Entry: Post 2x20 "Prom Queen"
Media: TV Show
Character Journal: iwannabedirty
Voicemail Link: http://iwannabedirty.livejournal.com/17224.html
Phone Number: 555-TANA

Background: Santana is 18 and a senior at William McKinley High School. She is a member of the glee club, New Directions, and of the cheerleading squad, the Cheerios. She and fellow Cheerios Brittany Pierce and Quinn Fabray resigned from Coach Sue Sylvester's Cheerios squad for the last half of their junior year when their tyrannical coach attempted to shoot Brittany out of a cannon. Nonetheless, she and Brittany returned to the squad for their senior year.

Throughout Santana's high school career, she has been all about image. She acts the part of a typical mean girl by insulting and bullying those she feels are below her, mostly in an attempt to hide from her insecurities and feel good about herself, even if the feeling is only temporary. Before joining herself, she liked to target the Glee Club, particularly Rachel Berry. When forced to join with Quinn and Brittany under Coach Sylvester's direction, she eventually came to love the club for what it was, admitting that it was the "best part of her day". Of course, the declaration was quickly followed by a disclaimer that she would deny it if asked. She can be very shallow - breaking up with boyfriend Puck due to his bad credit score. And though she has boasted about her looks before, often using them to get something she wants, she actually is very concerned with her body, going so far as getting a boob job during the summer between her sophomore and junior year so people would take more notice of her.

Santana is widely known through McKinley High as someone that gets around. Boys, girls, she doesn't really care, as long as she has a warm body underneath her. Her most notable "relationships" have been with footballer Noah Puckerman - who, though she has officially broken up with him, she still considers him "her man" - and best friend, Brittany Pierce - who she has maintained a friends-with-benefits relationship with and is very affectionate towards. She has a very possessive streak and has gotten into both verbal and physical altercations with Rachel, Mercedes, Lauren, Quinn and Artie, when they attempted to date Puck and Brittany, respectively. More often that not, though, her attempts are useless, as their relationships only seem to grow stronger.

Despite all this, there is a slightly softer side of Santana, shown mostly when she's with Brittany, locking pinkies or simply sitting close during Glee Club rehearsals. When Rachel holds a meeting for Glee girls with boyfriends, Santana seems genuinely hurt that she was not invited, though she uses insulting Rachel as a cover. This seems to alert her to the fact that she is very lonely and has gone so far as trying to break up Rachel and Finn Hudson so she could at least have a popular boyfriend. She has found that in one Sam Evans after she helped him realize (rather cruelly) that Quinn's bout of mono had been given to her by Finn - who became ill because of Santana - whom she'd cheated on Sam with.

She has recently come to terms with her feelings for Brittany, due to prompting from Brittany and encouragement from substitute teacher, Holly Holliday. After singing Stevie Nicks' "Landslide" with Brittany and Holly, Santana realized that a big part of the reason she is so insecure and bitchy is because she is struggling with these deeper feelings for Brittany. Admitting these feelings to Brittany resulted in her being rejected for Artie Abrams and has seriously wounded her pride. She is doing her best to pretend her confession never happened and has turned her attention to boyfriend Sam Evans.

Needless to say, that didn't last and Santana moved on to one Dave Karofsky without a word to Sam. Using her newly-installed, finely-tuned gaydar, Santana had confronted Dave and talked him into a plan: posing as each other's beards to run for Prom King and Queen, with the hopes that winning would convince Brittany to be with her, instead of Artie.

Personality: Santana, on the surface, is simply a bitch. She will stop at nothing to get who or what she wants and is incredibly snarky. The insults she doles out are off the chart (and off the wall) and she talks bigger and acts bigger than she really is. She is shown to have an extremely possessive and jealous streak, going so far as to challenge the S.O.s of those she expresses romantic or sexual interest in, even going so far as to start, and lose, a fight with Lauren Zizes when she and Puck began dating. However, she does have a soft side and shows it to those she cares for and trusts the most - which includes most of the Glee club. Santana has come to see the club as members of her family and is fiercely loyal to them, even if it doesn't always seem that way. She is especially loyal to her best friend and lover Brittany, who she is very protective of, despite the fact that she has lied to her for her own selfish wants. Santana also has a more timid side, shown mostly in her fear of coming out at school. She desperately wants to be accepted, even worshiped, and thus uses her well-known sexual prowess and her new-found "relationship" with Karofsky to keep what she feels is her true sexuality under wraps.

Physical Description: Santana is about five foot five, with caramel skin and hair such a dark brown it's nearly black, with eyes to match. Her hair comes down to the middle of her back, when it's not up in a tight Cheerios-standard ponytail. She's often seen with a half-amused, half-somewhat sinister smirk on her face.

Does your pup have any special powers/abilities/gifts that we should be aware of?: Santana is just your average human, who does average human things. She is exceptionally (read: super mega) bitchy and has an amazing singing voice, if that counts.

What brings your character to the village? What does he need to learn/achieve, etc?: Santana comes to the village directly after her junior prom, where she ran for Prom Queen alongside her fake boyfriend, Dave Karofsky, as Prom King. This was done out of desperation. After quitting the Cheerios, she wanted to maintain her popularity and thought that campaigning for Prom Queen and dating one of the top footballers (despite his reputation for being an asshole) would keep her on the radar. She also was attempting to get Brittany's attention and show her that she was more worthy of Brittany's love than Artie. Granted, her intentions were less than pure originally - when she planned to have Brittany be with her if she won by claiming it was 'royal decree' - but really, all she wanted was for Brittany to love her and see that she really, truly wanted to be with her. In the village, Santana needs to learn how to truly be herself. She needs to learn to drop the facade and show the world who she truly is. She needs to learn to really accept herself and especially her sexuality before coming out to others and expecting them to accept her and like her when she has trouble doing exactly that. I would like to explore her finding herself and learning her lesson.

Why do you want to play this character?: Since Santana became more than just a pretty background girl on the show, she has captured my attention. Her sarcasm, snarkiness and sometimes general vileness is fun to play out. She has gone through so many changes and has shown so much depth, moving from background character to main character and her story has really spoken to me. I would like the chance to explore those changes and see how she interacts with her own castmates and others out of her realm. I would especially like to expand on her exploring herself and her sexuality more deeply than the show has as of yet.

Please list all your pups: N/A

Have you been active in the last 8 weeks with ALL of your pups, if not - why and which pups?: N/A

Character based writing sample: Spanish class was always Santana's least favorite. This class was an easy A for her, since she'd grown up speaking Spanish at home. Most of the time Mr. Schuester was talking, she was daydreaming, and when he wasn't, she was helping Brittany with her homework. The blonde tried so hard, and there were times when things seemed to stick. But she was certainly no genius, and it took a lot of Santana's patience to help her pass her classes. She didn't mind all that much, of course. Brittany was her best friend, and Santana would do anything for her.

Except...they were more than that now, weren't they? It had been a few years since they'd been just best friends. The moment they'd touched each other in a more-than-friendly way, everything had changed, no matter how hard Santana had worked to pretend that it hadn't. Acknowledging being more-than-friends meant dealing with the emotions that came with that, and she was...not good at dealing with emotions. She did her best to ignore them completely and use the resulting bitchiness as her cover. It worked for her, even if half the school hated her because of it.

She'd been slipping up lately, though. First, by letting that stripper comment and the insults the glee club had hurled at her actually affect her -- so much so that she'd been sobbing in the hallway. And then, with all she'd said to Brittany... She'd been slipping, and she needed to get her ass back in gear. She couldn't do this. She couldn't deal with her emotions, and she didn't want to.

So, she'd done her best to put that wall back up. She knew, though, that it wouldn't be long until Brittany was wondering why she had gone back to her old self. That was where Sam had come in. Brittany hadn't liked it, but Santana had explained the shallow, selfish reasons for what she was doing, and there had been reluctant agreement on Brittany's part. Unfortunately, Sam had turned out to be a mistake of epic proportions, and Santana regretted every moment she had spent on his whiny ass. Still, her plan had worked. Her walls were firmly in place, and Brittany was back at arm's length. A big part of Santana felt terrible for what she was doing -- wasn't this what had caused her to lose Brittany to Artie? But she had convinced herself this was what she needed to do. It was for the best.


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