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Your Kiss is Orange

For you, kissing is all about pushing the envelope. You're a wild kisser.

And you don't have to know someone all that well to kiss them.

(You figure that's how you'll get to know one another!)

While you may be impulsive with who you kiss, there's nothing random about your kissing technique.

Kissing Type: Unconventional

People See Your Kisses as: Intoxicating

You Kiss Best With: A Red Kisser

Stay away from: A Pink Kisser

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As of today, I've played Santana for one year! I picked her up on Halloween last year, shortly after the Rocky Horror episode. I had only been RPing for almost eight months, as an original character in the Glee fandom, but this was the first time a canon character had really spoken to me. Or bitched at me, more accurately. :P

I've loved playing Santana, and I've been able to thread with some really excellent characters, Glee and non-Glee. If you're reading this, thank you. I've really enjoyed playing with all of you this past year, and I hope to keep it up for a long time! :)

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You Are a Romantic Wedding

For you, love is sweet and precious. You don't love easily, but those you do love are showered with affection.

To be unloved would probably make it hard for you to love again. It's hard enough for you to love as is.

Romantic love is very intense for you... and very private. You aren't one to talk about your relationship with others.

You may even keep your love a secret at first. You don't like opening up your relationship to scrutiny and gossip.

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My best friend is [livejournal.com profile] moretalented. We've been BFFs since we were five years old, in kindergarten, and we've been a team ever since. It's been twelve years and counting.

AND, we've been dating for almost nine months now, and everything's pretty close to perfect. :)


May. 21st, 2011 05:09 pm
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I blame [livejournal.com profile] footballdancer. :P

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Running out of the mini-mall parking lot, wielding a vorpal blade, cometh Iwannabedirty! And she gives a spectacular cry:

"I'm going to make tacos with your corpse!!!"

Find out!
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To my best friend in the whole world and my beautiful girlfriend of four months now. I love you so much, Britt baby. :) Happy 17th!!!
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Anywhere, as long as I'm with Brittany. :)  ♥♥♥


Mar. 1st, 2011 08:12 pm
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LiveJournal Username
Favorite color duct tape
Do you fit in a box?
How are you in bed?
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Your kinky flirt buddy is...itsfinntime
Your kinky play mate is...imthenewguy
Your kinky lover is...moretalented
Your kinky pimp is...rockstarwarbler
You will die from an STD by the time you are 20:False
This many people want to be kinky with you:35,510,577
Out of your kinkiness you earn:$350,021
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